I’m Okay!

My friends! Just a quick check in to let you know that I am okay. Turns out, having a baby is a lot of work, leaving very little time for my cathartic blogging. Here are some things I’ve learned to focus on in the past couple of years…

  1. LOVE your babies. Take the time to stop and pay some undivided attention to them. The dishes can wait, and you will work out the guilt later. Cliches really start to hit home by your early to mid-thirties by the way.
  2. THERAPY helps. For many reasons, I truly believe we all need it. From a scientific perspective, we are biologically built in a way that has not yet caught up with modern technologies etc and how we live our lives. Plus, we all have “stuff.” Doesn’t mean we’re broken or are having an acute crisis. Just means we should do some mental health maintenance, just as you would with your doctor check ups and dental cleanings.
  3. THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE IS HARD. I’m working on accepting that it is a journey and there is no final “Ok, everything is perfect and will stay that way” destination. Especially when you have a chronic illness to manage. On that note, I have gone through the motions and have begun to start taking Kesimpta (instead of the Ocrevus). Would love to hear how others are doing with it!
  4. SIMPLIFY. Whether it is your wardrobe, the workload you’ve decided to take on, or the ridiculous amount of apps you have on your phone. The anxiety you didn’t know you had will thank you for simplifying as much as you can.

Til next time! (don’t hold your breath) – Aimee

Published by Aimee Straw

Diagnosed with MS at 29, my journey toward higher heart and soul really began to unfold and flourish a few years later when I started to accept, and embrace, who I really am. There are many lessons to learn along the way and I am excited to share my story in the hopes that I can connect with and inspire others.

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