The Creation of My Sacred Space

It has been evolving over time. This idea of creating my sacred space. Step one was deciding it was important to me. Step two: what does that even mean to me? And thus, what does that look like?

Now that I have some thoughts brought to life, as I picture my space, I would describe it as warm. Inviting. The sun streams through the blinds in the morning and my plants are alive and vibrant. Green and growth are homey to me. I can see the moon peaking over the mountains at night. On a full moon, the whole room glows with magical moonlight. My candles, my small collection of rocks and crystals, as well as a small Buddha token adorn the top of an ottoman I’ve repurposed as an alter of sorts and it has has just become my spot. I do yoga there. I journal. I pick from a deck of oracle cards once in a while when I’m looking for a little inspiration or guidance. My dogs will often join me there. When I think about this place, I am happy.

Your spot doesn’t have to be much. Mine literally started as the only carpeted place in my house that I could physically fit my yoga mat. So the guest bedroom is where my sacred space was born. I pulled an old tapestry out of a box in the attic and tacked that to the wall. I liked the colors. As simple as that and no need to worry about interior design esthics. I started doing just 10 minutes a morning of yoga there and realized the sun is absolutely glorious in the morning. Maybe some plants would like that room. So it became their home, too.

People talk about alters in their “sacred spaces” so in thinking on what I could use for that I remembered that I had an extra ottoman that we weren’t using. Another trip to the attic to haul down the same exact ottoman we have in our living room, to put in the nook by the closet. (Why I decided to buy two of the exact same pieces of furniture is beyond me, but in hindsight they were on clearance at Target, so I needed them both???) Anyhow, the fit was perfect. I had a candle gifted to me by a friend that was poured on a full moon. That went on top, along with a gratitudes journal and a pen from a sushi place back east. I have fond memories of that dinner and time with old friends.

I’ve added pieces over time. A tool box of sorts for whatever I may need in the moment. If I feel like I need to draw or color in my journal, some colored pencils are right there. A small bluetooth speaker after my phone speakers decided to blow out so I can still follow along to guided yoga or meditation. And of course some trusty mat cleaner and it’s associated sponge.

There are many, many books and internet resources if you are looking for inspiration on what a sacred space looks like. But basically, it can look like whatever you want it to look like, and it doesn’t have to come together over night. It will evolve as your inner and outer journey calls for what it needs in that space. A month ago, mine looked like this:

It was mostly dog bodies and beige carpet. I still share that space with my husband’s percussion instruments. And there is a little more color on the walls now. I’ve made it mine.

It was really hard for me to decide in the beginning that creating this space was worthy of prioritization of what I spend my money on. I have always felt guilty about buying the “good” loose leaf tea, or the essential oils that I don’t “need”. Framing and hanging art. Buying the more expensive (and safer) soy candles. Candles in general. It all seemed like unnecessary extras. Buts it’s not. It brings me joy gosh darn it and I finally decided if that peace and happiness that I find there will reverberate throughout my day because of a few material things then I’m doing it. It’s worth skipping a drink at the bar (or at that next Zoom meet up) to look at a watercolor I did on the wall and remember the warm sunny day as I sat there and painted in a grape orchard. And I will have that memory and associated feelings whether I wake up with stiff joints and numb legs or not. Art brings me joy. Plants bring me joy. As do books and tea pots and trinkets or jewelry from my travels. Who in the heck ever told me these things are less important than my well being? Because they really do contribute to a better mood. Cultivate that! And maybe skip the extra double shot venti at Starbucks next time, Aimee.

In a time when we are physically asked to slow down and spend more time at home, I am glad my sacred space has taken root and helped me get excited about my morning yoga and regular meditation routine. These two things alone are what I completely attribute my sanity to through this global crisis. These days, or any days for that matter, we all deserve our own little corner of the world where we feel safe. Just a little place where it is safe to be. Safe to explore your feelings and a mind body connection. To heal. To be joyous. To physically and mentally to explore the inner workings of our mind and soul and come out better for it on the other side of the time spent there. Do what it takes to get you excited to be in that place. You are worth the work, the time and the money to create that space and be there.

All the love from my little slice of life to yours,


Published by Aimee Straw

Diagnosed with MS at 29, my journey toward higher heart and soul really began to unfold and flourish a few years later when I started to accept, and embrace, who I really am. There are many lessons to learn along the way and I am excited to share my story in the hopes that I can connect with and inspire others.

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